Thursday, June 23, 2016

Do You Love Dr. Seuss?

Earlier this week, I ran into target for some cubbie drawers.  And ... I was only going to be in there, like 2 seconds.  But, as soon as a walked in, BAM!  Right in front me in the “Dollar” section, I saw all of this teacher stuff.  OMG!  I couldn’t believe it.  There were book boxes, colorful hanging folders, all sorts of containers and tons and tons more.  Score for me!  I came at just the right time.   I just started filling up my basket. 
Next.... I saw the Dr. Seuss stuff.
There were pencils, stickers, erasers, bookmarks and BOOK BAGS.  I used these Dr. Seuss bags last year as book bags and they worked great!  So... I got an idea.  I decided then and there to make each of my students a welcome back reading and writing bag.  In their new book bag, I will put a sheet of stickers, a pencil, an eraser and a bookmark.   I'm trying to think of a cute little rhyme to attach, but I'm not there yet. 
I wanted to share this with y'all so you could run to Target before it's all gone
Of course I will keep looking for other goodies to go in the bag during the summer, but what a great way to start!
Do you have any ideas to add to the Welcome Back Bag? Please add them in the comments section!
Here's something for back to school....
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