Monday, June 18, 2018
It's Summertime! 
Time for Vacations, Fun, Relaxing, And... Don't forget SHOPPING! Everything $1 Until the end of July!

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Every year I struggle with multicultural skin tones.  It was a real dilemma!   I just wanted my students to feel good about the crafts they created in their own light. But most of them didn't look much like them because their skin tones were completely off. 

I work in one of the most diverse populations in the United States.  Houston, Texas!
In one of my classes, there were TEN different language spoken, so you know that there were probably as many skin tones too!  But all we had was MANILLA and DARK BROWN paper. And.. we only had peach and brown markers and crayons.

I was working on my Kindness is the New Cool resource with my students.  I got the idea to make one of the girl's cheeks rosy, so I was asking all of my colleagues if they had any blush.  Finally, I found some and it worked great.  The paper creation had nice rosy cheeks, but the skin color still didn't look right.  
That's when it hit me... Why couldn't I use MAKEUP for the skin tones.  Make up comes in SO MANY COLORS... All SKIN TONES!
I got so excited because I knew that brown eyeshadow would work great for the darker skin tones and.... it would also look smoother instead of all streaky like markers and crayons. There are 
SO MANY different shades of BROWN, too!
I started experimenting with the makeup and made some makeup "swatches" so the kids could see what the makeup would look like on paper.

The projects are now turning out so much better and kids are so much prouder of their projects that really match their skin tones!
Now look at the difference!

I used Crayola Markers on this one.
I used a dark brown eyeshadow on this one.
You could even use a DARKER eyeshadow for a darker skin tone.

I am so excited to share this with you just in time for all of the cute Back to School Activities you  will make in the 2018 - 2019 School Year.


  • Where do I get the makeup?  It's expensive to buy it.  Yes!  You are right!  I raided my makeup drawer for old makeup that I no longer used and asked my friends for makeup that they didn't use any more.  You can ask for donations from parents as well.  
  • How do the kids apply the makeup? Set up a makeup station that you will run.  Let them use their fingers or a cotton square to apply the makeup.  I used both here.  First apply with the cotton square, then rub in the makeup with my finger until it looks even. Choose up to 5 kids to come work at your makeup station.  Try to get a variety of skin tones each time so they don't have to share.  This will make it go faster.
  • How will the kids know what color to use?  I made makeup swatches by rubbing each color on a small piece of paper and labeling the paper with the color and brand of the makeup.  From the swatches, they will choose the color closest to their skin tone. (Some may not have an exact match.) 
  • How do I make the cheeks rosy? Use a pink blush on the girls and boys too if they would like to add little color to their cheeks. Apply with the index finger in a circular motion. Boys may also want rosy cheeks, since girls aren't the only ones with naturally rosy cheeks. :) 
  • What kind of paper will the make up work on? I used card stock, white construction paper and regular copy paper and it worked great every time.  The coarser the paper, the more you will need to rub in and the longer you will need to rub.

Other Suggestions:

  • If you can't get any makeup from your friends, you can ask stores for donations for makeup that has been opened that they can't sell. Sephora and Ulta might help you out.

  • Know someone that gets IPSY Bags or Birch Boxes every month?.... They probably have some makeup that they aren't using.

  • Garage Sales might be a place that would have cheap makeup.  Tell them you are a teacher and see if they will donate the makeup.  
  • Ask for makeup donations on a local Facebook Group.  People usually are eager to help teachers out.
  • The LAST RESORT is to buy the makeup.  See what they have at a Dollar Tree or other stores that sell stuff for a dollar.  If you have to, there are some brands out there that are pretty cheap.  Elf is one that I have found.

Friday, March 30, 2018
Teaching the PARTS OF SPEECH can be so much fun!  It is especially FUN when you have an engaging resource that kids absolutely LOVE. 

I created this resource to give teachers the opportunity to allow their students to practice writing sentences in a Fun Way!

Kids need this practice.

Step 1:  Teachers will teach students about the Parts of Speech using the posters and other resources they already have. 

Step 2:  Let them have some FUN!  Students will draw a picture using the Doodle Cards. Since they choose the picture, they are usually excited about writing the sentences.  This can get that unmotivated student writing.  Then you have your perfect opportunity to praise him.... now you may be able to get him to write about what's in your lesson plans. :) 
"Wow, Johnny!  You're an excellent writer.  I can't wait to see what you come up with later today when we write about _____!"
Step 3: Time to Practice!
Students will use the Writing Activities paper to write a sentence about the picture.  
There is one coordinating activity page for each Part of Speech included with this resource.
This makes a GREAT Morning Work activity. 
This means, if you don't have time in your day to work on sentence writing, you can still get is done! 

Since there are 4 boxes, you can have your students write one sentence a day, if you're in a time crunch. 
Or, all 4 if you  have plenty of time.  (Just kidding!) 
Seriously though, this is Very Engaging and FUN.  
Want more fun?  
Let them work in partners!

Step 4:  If time allows, have them share their favorite sentence with a partner.  This makes for some social time that they all need.

Just want the Poster Set?
Parts of Speech Posters and Bulletin Board Set

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Friday, March 2, 2018

Do you need a fun, new activity for your Word Study center?  This FREEBIE is great!  Kids love it because they get to use "Magic Wands" to practice Phonics Skills. 

Teachers love it because kids are engaged and the upkeep is easy!


If you like these, check out the other
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A great companion to these Magic Wand are

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Thursday, January 25, 2018
Don't you just love a good FREEBIE!  I Do!  They makes me so happy!

This week, I want to showcase my FANTASTIC Phonics Practice Pages!  What's so FANTASTIC? Take a look!

These Phonics Practice pages give students much more practice than just Phonics!  As you can see, they will also be practicing sentence writing, position words, color words and reading and following directions.  I like to use lots of pictures to support the learning of new vocabulary!  Your students will love these!  

Check out these other products that feature the same format of multi-skill practice....

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy Friday, y'all!  Another one in the books!

Our weather has been so cold here in Texas!  Not normal for us!  We even had two snow days this week!  Whoop!  I hope everyone is staying warm!


It is loaded with ways for young learners to use Adjectives, Nouns, Adverbs and Verbs! Both products share the same format which is helpful and timesaving.  Explain only once!  
My students loved it and I hope yours will too!

Grab it in the link below!
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Saturday, January 13, 2018

As a teacher, I love to Laminate my own stuff. I was always thinking, I wish I had a BIGGER Laminator!  I recently purchased this awesome Laminator at Sam’s Club and I LOVE IT!
  • First of all, it’s HUGE!  You can laminate a BIG piece of Construction Paper!  (12 X 18) It comes with several sheets!
  • Second, It's FAST!
It Heats up FAST AND the paper FLIES Through!

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January 21st and will be notified by Email.  I will send the laminator by U.S. mail.  US Residents ONLY, Please!

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