Sunday, November 22, 2015
Thanksgiving is almost here!

We only have 2 days next week, so I want to be sure to do something fun.  Here are a couple fun Freebies you can download.
Freebie!  Thanksgiving Write the Room

Write the Room Activity

This is a great little activity.  Start by printing out the vocabulary cards.  They are in color, but you can just print them in black and white if you need to.  Hang the cards around your classroom.
Give each student a recording sheet.  Go over each picture with your students before they begin.  Give them around 10 minutes to find the words and write them on their recording sheet.  I usually let them go for about 8 minutes then I start helping them so they can all be finished.  Be sure to stress that they need to spell every word correctly.  After everyone, has finished, take the cards off of the wall and use them to check the recording sheet.  I go through each picture on the recording sheet and hold up the card that goes with it.  They will make corrections at this time.
After everyone is finished checking and correcting, hand out the writing paper.
Students will write a Thanksgiving story using the vocabulary from the recording sheet. If you haven’t read any nonfiction Thanksgiving stories, you might want to do that prior to the Write the Room activity. 
Have FUN!
There's also a Holiday version!  Check it out!


This product is great!  There are 2 extension activities with this one.
This is actually 2 Write the Room activities in one product.
One is for Common and Proper Nouns (Christmas Words)
The other is for Christmas Nouns and Verbs.
Once your students have completed the recording sheet, they will sort the words.  Either PROPER NOUNS/COMMON NOUNS or
NOUNS/VERBS.  There is writing paper in this product too, so they can write a story when they are finished!

The second FREEBIE IS

Thanksgiving Dab ~ Short A

This is a bingo dabber activity.  It goes perfectly in a station!
This freebie covers SHORT A words.
You will need to provide one sheet per 2 students, a sharpened pencil and a paper clip (for the spinner) and BINGO DABBERS.
Students will spin the spinner and match the picture on the spinner with a word in the DABBER BANK.
The first one to DAB all of the words is the winner.  If the student has already dabbed the one he has spun, the turn goes to the next player.  This makes the game take a little bit longer and students get the much needed practice.  J
Check out these other FUN Thanksgiving products!
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