Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Blog Design!!!

New Blog Design Celebration!!!!!!

I am celebrating by offering an AWESOME 47 Page Counting Backward Freebie.
($5 value)

Because this is a skill that my first graders struggle with, I wanted to make a great product to improve their numeracy skills.  I noticed that it took them a long time to be able to tell me the number that comes before another number.  Even when the numbers are low.  I decided that just one thing would help them..... PRACTICE!  Even though we practice a little bit every day during our calendar time, there's nothing like hands on learning.

Have you ever noticed how your students can add but subtraction is soooo much harder?  For the same reason they have difficulty counting back.  It simply doesn't come naturally to them.  They've been counting forward their whole lives... a whopping 6 or 7  years with probably very little (in comparison) counting backward.  But that will all change using this product.  Let's give them the opportunity to practice counting backward, too! 
I am excited about the positive impact this will have on my students when we start our subtraction unit! 

Here's what is needed for them to become adept at counting backward:

A fun and engaging way to practice.  I have just completed one of my favorite products EVER called Counting Backward Blasters.

Kids love anything related to outer space, and don't they all just love to say "Blast Off" when they count back from 10? 

 Counting Backward Blasters is packed full of colorful easy prep math centers/stations, print and play math games and fun and engaging practice pages (17 total practice pages).  Here is just a small sampling of what is included in this 47 page product.

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Counting Backward from 19
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