Friday, January 16, 2015

Making Inferences ~ Inferring

This is a skill that starts in First Grade, I think.  That's just crazy, right?
But, ya know what? First graders can infer, and pretty good too!
When I first started teaching first grade, I was skeptical about first graders being able to make an inference from and implied statement.  I was totally shocked and blown away by what they could actually do.
Teaching inferring really starts with having good material.  I had a hard time finding books that they could use to practice, because inferring takes a larger vocabulary than most first graders can read.
That's when I became an author of sorts.  I wrote several mini passages on their level.  I added a differentiated graphic organizer to get them started.  I gave them the inference, and had them find the text that implied my inference.
This worked out great!
Try it with your students!
Thanks for stopping by!
:) Carrie